Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tarzan and the Dragon Lady (IHMN AAR)

 Ok back to normal IHMN, we played the catch the pigeon scenario in a African out post, in place of the said pigeon was cheetah the monkey who had some how stolen the dragon lady's  ring and she now wanted it back trouble was Tarzan also wanted  it and cheetah. the table Alec lid out and off we went innocent bystanders were the complication.

 Tarzan, Jane, Kerchak, 2 lions big cat and 3 apes
 Drgaon lady , Mr woo and her tong warriors and a troll
 she rushes to secure the monkey

 the lions pace forward to stop the advance of the dragon ladies men
 Kerchak flanks to block any escape route
 Tarzan makes his way inot the out post
 apes charge about terrifying the population
 the dragon lady  faces a ape who attacks her head on
 the lions  charge the troll and battle in the centre begins
 Mr Woo is attacked by the cat and ape
 the ape falls to Mr Woo skills
 savagery  ensures still in the battle
 Tarzan jumps Mr Woo
 one lion is slain and another felled in the Troll fight
 the dragon lady kills the ape who dared to attack her
 Tarzan strikes and Mr Woo is slain also
 the fallen lion refuses to be smashed but the huge troll
 the dragon lady back attacks Jane
 cheetah is grabbed by a dragon warrios as the cat tried to stop him running off
 the cat falls and the monkey is on the dragon ladies side
 Jane is struck from behind and falls 
 Tarzan's rage makes the dragon lady's victory short lived as he strokes and  she is down and out
 the ape tries to stop the fleeing Dragon man with the monkey but falls to blades
 he makes his rush to the escape point
 Kerchak faces the troll and a bloody battle begins
Tarzan unable to stop the  dragon man is beset by 3  warriors who in time he slays but victory goes to the dragon ladies forces 
Great game loads of fun and  as normal it works so well for us , really enjoyed....


  1. Looks like a grand time was had by all.

    Of course, having the ring back is sort of a hollow victory considering how dead the Dragon lady is...

  2. Great game report dude! Awesome looking terrain and mini's as usual sir!