Tuesday, 24 March 2015

BIF Heavy Dragoons, Tomb raiders and an Ahoggya

 More for my BIF Heavy dragoons Wargames Foundry  miniatures really  great  pieces, I wanted a toy solder look to the whole army and a few more units and commanders to follow

 More Dark Fable kickstarter tomb raiders great characters and a joy to paint
 The Dark fable Mummy with victim a must have  miniature 

An Ahoggya from the tekumel project , Howard sent me this one for a leader  to  my other  troopers love the miniatures, a bit of conversion work to make him stand out and black armour Iam happy he looks cool
I think you know these will feature in my games  to come 


  1. They all look great...but those Dragoons, in particular, are just lovely!