Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tekumel, Seudla and Ahoggya army

 Well there finished and a joy the mighty Serudla a description is "Huge creatures that look like dragons covered with gleaming scales. They have six legs and a pair of small arms just below their long neck and bony head. They are semi-intelligent and can be taught to use simple weapons. The Serudla can also bite or use an acid spittle. These creatures come in three sizes, the larger ones being older." Tekumel Project sent by my good friend Howard. Fantastical creatures, I have done a huge battle piece of art   involving these and some Kirtle girls for Howard which will be seen  soon?
 I had to do some eye candy pictures 

 And this is my Ahoggya army in full love them to bits


  1. Inspirational as always! And I notice you have a much-coveted (by me at least) Battlefield in a Box Badlands Plateau! I wish they were still making these!!

  2. thank you as always Gordon I wish we could get those small pieces but no chance anywhere, why make some thing so limited?

  3. They probably purchased a single container's worth "on spec"! Great work on the Tekumel figures, Tony. Will try to get the SK's to you ASAP. :-)

  4. I have about four or five 24 man Tsolyani legions sitting in a box in the cupboard. After seeing your fabulous miniatures I have decided that when I finish my Zulus they are next cab off the rank.