Tuesday, 10 March 2015

British Intervention force, a tank, Bell and objective room

 Italian M13/40 tank for mu WW2 Desert Italian bolt action army Perry miniatures  range really nice model and  it  a great casting


 My British intervention force for Black Powder Perry miniatures just had to get , having played a few games of Black Powder and  enjoyed  it so much felt like old toy solders wargame so these fitted perfectly

 Infantry 19th North Yorkshire are the flags

 A nice foundry  mounted office again a must have
 Grenadier guards from Perrys


 A miniature i got from Hammer head the Die Glocke black Pyramid games, will appear in many games i have in my head.

 Micro arts objective room was a beast to  put together but is  a brilliant  finish really impressed


  1. Wow. All fantastic. Look forward to the battle reports!!

  2. I'm envious. Even more so b/c my backyard is still filled with snow about 2 feet deep!