Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Infinity, Darkest Africa , Carry on gang, and the Dragoncaller

 I bought the new Red veil box set for Infinity some superb miniatures and  with my limited skills i painted them up to add to my collection, above is the Heavy assault Al Fasid suit
 Yu Jing force
 Haqqislam force
 Copplestone Ngoni female archers to my darkest Africa collection archers 

And well I had to buy these from Northstar,  Pte Widdle, The Khasi and Bungdit Din. superb miniatures the rest of the cast needed now for all my  Victorian games
 One of the new African princess from Copplestone nice exact miniature
One of mine based on a certain berserk but to me he is the "Dragoncaller"

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