Monday, 3 October 2016

"Pig War" The men who would be kings battle reports

 Today after about a month we finally got a game in the men who would be kings , from Osprey, we have both decent British intervention army's and ACW forces so the Pig wars were  a first choice to test out the scenarios. My British vs the Americans, 24 points aside. Scenario A "Just passing by"
 Alec's Americans, sharpshooter Zouaves, 1 regular and 1 irregular  units and a gun
 My British BIF , Elite guards 2 regulars and poor trained gun
 I laid out the table and the objectives were to get off the opposite sides, 
 Deploying in opposite corners we  set off
 the British moving to intercept
 as the American chose to flank side move

 the British guards got to a blocking point the regulars from the American taking the hills and  engaging first
 the Zouave sharp shooters  were very good
 the British regulars in the centre taking casualty's even at long range
 cutting into the ranks and pinning.
 the guards fared no better to the fire there elite adds giving them  no pins
 the American flank the British
 the irregular infantry advance at last
 the centre  unit takes even more fire

 a lone officer stands then is taken out
 the Zouaves take casualty's

 the Americans advance as the guards are wiped out and the last infantry is demolished a victory to the USA
 we then played scenario B Seek and Destroy, an area of cover and objectives held by the British is  attacked by the Americans full force and the British reserves come to the aid, I swapped Elite and a reg unit t for an irregular infantry and some Cavalry.
 the pigs had to be on the table again.

 The Americans advanced 
 the British cavalry  moved to intercept the flanking alerican irregualrs
 the British  irregulars advanced they were very good 5+ command
 the Americans  attacked the camp needing to destroy the camp
 the cavalry fired on the irregulars to  make them easy pickings 
 the regular British  unit in the camp is fired on and double 1's the officer is a casualty proved to be very critical
 falling back they were then routed
 the cavalry charge home and push the  infantry back  inflicting heavy casualty's  
 the British irregulars enter the camp and give fire as the American  shoot into the  encampment
the cavalry destroy the infantry then are shoot  down by the American infantry there units unable to  damage any  of the encampment the  British are victorious.

Two very entertaining games and we learned a lot, the  best thing was Alec had never played and after about turn 2 he knew what the rolls caused and effects. good fun and great to use   our miniatures. 


  1. Great looking games. Desperate to give the game a go myself...but not enough NWF figs yet as I keep getting distracted by other games!

  2. Great report. Looks awesome as always love the mat!