Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Last Boy on earth and others painted up

 One of my all time favourite comics was Kamandi the last boy on Earth from the great Jack Kirby, it was one of those who made me want to draw, after too long perhaps i have  made the character along with his friends Dr Canus and Flower. (personal collection)
 Another long time  this set is from the  Black Plauge game and a special guest Paolo Parente, Undraal  I have wanted along time and lost the metal chance due to extensive post and packing but this set  saved me. great miniatures and so fine to paint.
 the rest of the pack of Copplestones  African Princess very nice work as one would expect
I have known Drew of SDZA for along time and he sent me these   wonders  again great to paint up and  exact  miniatures


  1. Awesome work as always! Drew's stuff is awesome isn't it!

  2. Good stuff! I'm not familiar with The Last Boy on Earth, but I like the figures, especially Dr. Canus.