Saturday, 9 November 2013

Blog-Con at Foundry

 Had a great day at Foundry today helping out with the Blog-Con very enjoyable and  a great set of people who turned up and chatted with, some lovely minis and terrain
 All the tables were used and  games played
 Olhammer crew with  some amazing miniatures
 floating island and massive zuggurat

 impressive micro armys and gtreat guys to chat with

 X wing i did not see it played
 SF game with great miniatures and that  truck

 A super wild west game with so much going on, again some good ideas and friendly gamers

 thats a lot of cattle

 Saga armies

 Muskets and tomohawks looked realy good and  very nice miniatures

 ECW i think

 Chain of command game with home guard looed good

Me and Steve were  yellow jackets for today, nice relaxing enjoyable time  good chats and meeting faces to blogs and  posts... more conventions like this are needed, thank you Foundry


  1. Looks great. Love that pyramid! Very jealous as I have spent the last 7 hours tidying the house in readiness for daughter's birthday party.....I am now delegated (upon pain of death) to my bedroom.......

  2. Nice pics thanks for posting SK.

  3. Thanks for the pics. It looks like it was a great day. I'm just gutted that I didn't get to make it in the end

  4. Good to see some pictures thanks

  5. Thank you for the insight to Blog-Con. I feel I have definitely missed out this time round. So I will have to make better efforts for next year..... and that's just day 1.

  6. It was very nice to meet you in person. Couldn't stay there much time because the baby, but it was great to see all those games. It was my first time at Foundry and I like it a lot, have new projects in mind...


  7. Great to see you again, roll on the next one.

  8. Great pictures I hope you do not mind if I copy a few over to the Blog-Con FB page as I forgot to take to many pictures
    Peace James