Wednesday, 13 November 2013

IHMN VC's at the Mountains of Madness

 Played another IHMN, decided to try my  Cthulhu miniatures and cultist vers a Brit company
 laid out a ritual game board setting

 A few  slave girls to give cover and  candy

 the  company a Servent , Shoggoth and 2 Mi-go and a hell of alot of cultist
 Britsh company captian heroes and 3 troopers
 Breakthrough scenario the  cultists and monsters must stop the brits from exit the other table
 they outnumber the Brits and seek to swamp them

 the captain takes a stand with his brave troopers
 Hook shoots the first cultist
 3 more fall to the machine gun
 the carbines and pistols take ther toll on the charging cultist
 RSM take on one with his bayonet
 the trooper engage the  cultist who make it to melee range
 the shoggoth slithers to destroy the machine  gun hook  presses his attack with his bayonet and courage
 the Dr helps the RSM with the  red garbed  cultists
 the captain and  gunga take on the flet flank of the charging  looneys
 Hook  delives a fatal and luck stike destroying the  shoggoth
 A migo vainly ties to  kill the captin and is felled by pistol and  kukri
 the RSM breaks for it persued by the   monster but  outr runs the deamon
 Hook and the remaing troopers fisnish off the last cultist knee deep in there bodies not a singel Britsh casualty and the  cult destroyed comeplety
 yep thats the casualtys
 RSM evaded and got off the table

Well the brits thought it would be a massacre as the amount of cultists and monsters but again the rules proved the points work,i need sit down and re  do the monster lists but  we had a brilliant game again


  1. Great looking game and report But were there any slave girls hurt in the making of this production?

  2. Those blood markers look pretty cool! Where'd you grab'em from?

  3. the markers i got from a convention stand who sells the west wind stuff are they linko??? , and No simon no girls were harmed but taken into care by a nice Reverand Smilley who promised they would be sorted out one by one?

  4. this is a site for tokens if you can't those ones.

  5. Brilliant! What a stout chap that RSM is - Give that man a DSO!