Saturday, 23 November 2013

Happy Birthday Dr Who

 I have to say that I watched the first  episode and now 50 years later  it still makes me smile, happy day to all the fans and people who love and i know on this blue ball.
 He was scary but lovable, the man who would save the day.
 He is perhaps my favorite, he made me laugh and still does, some of the best  quotes ever
 Just a brilliant  time on screen with him he was the man
 tonight we get 3 , I love the build up and  fingers crossed they will deliver.
My favorite conpanion bless her soul
these metal bastards scared me to death as a child fantastic creations  just get better and better

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  1. I have always loved Dr Who and all my children have (and do!). It just seems to get better as time goes by....