Wednesday, 6 November 2013

IHMN Diamond Annies Bloodbath

 Another IHMN game this time using the LXG company from the  bounus stuff on the site and diamond Annies Forty Thieves, played king of the hill secnario 12 turns and  winn the centeral building,. this time it was 400 pts as the LXG are expenside and I found i had 20 of Annies to give me my company so almost 40
 the LXG Allan, Nemo, Mina, Dorian, Tom Sawyer, the invisble man, Jekyll/ Hyde and 2  crew men
 Diamond Annies Forty Thieves  all the girls Annie, Maggie, Crazy Mary, Gert, Dorithy and  alot of the girls rounded up heheh
 Table set up a ruined vilage
 The LXG seek to get the advantage in the centre building
 Annie send in 1/2 her force hoping to outflank and out number the heroes
 Allans first shot takes out one of the girls
 trying to use cover the pistol and sabre tooled  girls make use of speed
 The outnumbered LXG make for the best places to use there excellent skills
 Maggie blasts a crew man with her shot gun as he waitd to get a carbine armed girl
 as Crazy Mary  waits to get Mr Jekell a crew mamber shoots her down looing a lot of good talents.
 Mina and Tom  take the centre building

 Mr Jekell is  jumped by 4 girls shooting and stiking at him hoping to stop him before he changes
 over the ruins pistols flare Tom makes his stand
 Dr Jekell is knocked down not out bu the girls
 Toms 2 pisols blazing takes out the girls who crossed the ruins into the building
 Suddenly Mr Hyde is  free but still surrounded by 4 girls armed and dangerious
 Mina.s  mesmerism starts to take affect the gils start to engage each other and  her fearsom power is reviled
 the gun battle over the ruins continues
 Allan is knocked down by a sword wielding girl and the next sweep hshe sends him to the grave
 Minia dispatches Gert in a single swipe
 Toms superior talents start to take out the girls he faces on the ruin walls
 the pistols even fired at the same time have no effect on the monster Mr Hyde
 Nemo faces  Maggie and a girl
 Mina walks through the sword armed girls  taking one each swipe of her claws
 Tom take sout the last girl in a blaze of pistol fire
 Dorians blade skills take the girls out in the ruins
 Hyde starts to bash his attackers to the ground but the girls wont run
 poor Annie is  defeated by Dorians sword Tom taking out another girl
 Nemo drops  Maggie and is now 1-1
 Hyde continues his rampage on the brave girls
 but the last girl uses her hair pin and knocks the giant out
 The LXG take the game and win after 12 turns of bloodshead and  extreem combat
 Mina dispatches the final game turn another girl
 the casualtys on the  diamond girls
Allan and the 2 crew are cashualtys but allan is imortal so all is good

Very fun game i think 400 points is max but we saw today the points work the LXG were stretched alot by the numbers, all fun great time and good scenario, Tom Saywer  droped 6 enemys and minas talent of mesmerisum worked great today.


  1. Spectacular, with so much eye-candy: thanks for sharing!

    I dream of seeing one day someone playing IHMN (or EotD, for that matter) in the 18th century...

  2. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing...I keep looking at the game system but just hard to get people into smaller games here.

    Where did the Mr Hyde come from?

  3. Great game report Shadowking. The LXG is a great theme but so is Diamond Annies Forty Thieves ingenius name for all those gals!

  4. Malifaux resin miniature, don.t know if you can still get it to be honest?