Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bad Jack & Jenny Nemo (IHMN AAR)

 We returned to the worlds we created in the game of IHMN, we now have a small selection of games we play IHMN, Bolt Action, SOBH and Donnybrook, trying to keep a change and the fun we have in all the games. So today  the  D10s came back.
The game was bad  jack , basically  stop a failed experiment from  wreaking havoc, the setting was a foreign street or compound and the  bystanders and  religious procession the  complications. Alec brought his British and i played my Jenny Nemos crew 340 points and off we went
 Capitan Napier and his company, rocket launcher and  Dr in tow with the usual band of  solders
 Alec laid out the table, he some times likes this better than actually gaming? bystanders abound, shoot them you shoot enough you loose...
 the religious  procession
 Napier advances on to get the creature who is in the centre of the  buildings
 Jenny and her crew are also running to find the monster
 Pirates advance as the creature loks from his advantage point (shoot him only makes him mad)
 The British advance rifle ready but no targets
 Jeny and her crew with jack and his harpoon prepare to engage the creature
 the  procession arrives to walk across the   field
 the brits open fire and a bystander is shott, loks bad for the bystanders again
 the creature is felled but no killed and Jenny's crew rush to capture the beast
 pirates charge and are counter charged by the red coats  blades and bayonets the order of the day
 Napier creeps forward  dispatching a pirate on the way
 the procession approaches the centre town
 gun fights and  hand to hand are all over the place as the 2 sides clash
 Jack armed with his harpoon and a armoured Atlantian  take on the now risen monster in hand to hand trading blows and basically knocking the crap out of each other to no result so far
 Napier shot point blank another pirate
 the left flank is now a mass brawl the British  are actually getting the advantage slowly
 the rocket launcher is taken down and the Dr attends the wounded hoping to get the rocket back in actionto shoot the ccreature
 pirates clash in the town centre
 a soilder shoots down a pirate the sides start to gather casualtys each
 the fight with the creature continues  fists, blades and steel and courage
 as the procession enters the centre of the tale the now revived rocket  man fires  into the frey  unfortunately only killing a  Nun
 the left flank the British manage to defeat the pirates
Napier slays another pirate and looks to the beast .
 But the Atlantian triumphs and the creatre is taken out Jenny s crew victorious.
Brilliant game took us about 20 mins to remember everything but  enjoyable all round.. great afternoons entertainment

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  1. Delightful! I just keep hearing "Bring on the nuns!" from Mel Brooks' "History of theWorld Part I."