Thursday, 25 September 2014

John Carter and the Toys of Doom in the Temple of the Deamons

 OK complete madness from me again but possibly the funniest game we have played ever, IHMN my mate Alec brought his collection of the TOR gaming soft toy solders as a company and I as always never know what he wll bring collect a John carter of Mars company, we selected the terrian which was from SDRS a temple with monks and the complications  as the temple dictates that casualty s can summon a daemon inside the temple. we rolled scenario 1  part 1 so 3 objectives to get back to our  entry spots.. 
Alec laid out the table on an old D&D mat and some anstey walls i added the cultist (well monks did not fit really though i do have many)
 the scene is set temple complex with 3 obbjectives

 Alec s company captian sgt, Dr and some cav and troopers respectively

 My company John Carter, Dejah , Tars Tarkus and 5 Green men
 The toys advance to capture the objectives
 Carters warriors have a more direct path

 the toys grab an objective but dont enter the temple yet
 the hulking Martians stalk the temple finding the objectives

 A cavalry man takes off on his own firing inot the temple
 only to shoot a cultist 1 point to the roll for deamons to arrive
 the said deamons ready to wreak out plans
 and the end of the turn one arrive and charges Tars tarkus
 the other cavalryman does a runner with an objective
 A green warrior charges  blocking the path and 3 toys attack him in turn
 Tars tackles the deamon both brutal fighters
 Carter makes his way through the temple to a rear attack position on the toys
 the green man is surrounded by bayonets and steel
 Tars slays the deamon and  follows  carter
 a second green man grabs the objective and backs off the toys firing but to no avail
 his gellow warrior is felled out side by the toys as he enters the temple
 another green man is shoot from outside dejah arrive to heal the  warrior up hopefully
the downed martian rises and continues to fight off the 4 toys

 the retreating martian makes for the escape point with the objective

 Finaly under intens blows the Martian outside is taken out of the game
 Dejahs charms rise the green man as a deamon appers and charge into the frey
 a second warrior fights off the  toys who swamp him
 Tarkus is at the rear of the toys laine and charges in radium pistol firing
 the toys  try to enter the temple past the  fighting martian
 another deamon appears (i belive the score was +5 in the end on a D10 to get and * for one to appear)
 the toy sgt charges poor Dejah
 the deamon attaxk a single green man
 another toy charged Dejah
 out side the second greenman falls unconscious but not dead to the toys
 Carter engages the captian
 Tarkus in combat with another toy cavalry man
 Dejah now  also swamped by toy soilders
 Carter knocks the captin donw slaying the creature
 the toys finish off the fallen martian
 Tarkyus is also feled but not slain
 another deamon appears 
 suddenly carter is shott downed
 a lone toy firing at  range responsible (both leaders out of the game again)
 Dejah falls as the second  objective carrying martian leave the table
the remaining martian is slain by weight of number and the game is over.
The  Carter company won by 42 to 34 points, we just had so much fun playing alec had tears in his eyes at some of the out comes , IHMN as always giving a really fun game and 


  1. Who makes the John Carter of Mars figures you are using?

  2. all my personal sculpts and collection made many years a go

  3. Awesome report Tony. I love how you just grab mini's from anywhere and make up a story and game it!