Sunday, 21 September 2014

Interview with Oldhammer and painted stuff (NSFW)

 James from the Oldhammer interviewed me for his blog, always a good guy to chat with and  please visit his blog at least once a week it has some amazing stuff on. thank you James  for posting 
 So painted stuff Assault group  3  Elizabethan gents. Had to have this trio, wonderful models and superb  all round

 Bolt action Warlord games Japainese anti tank (running at a tank with a bomb?) 
 2 reaper lovely VSF miniatures another must have i wanted 

 Warlord games  caesarian roman characters  wanted for my Song of dust and shadows and alot more ideas  super miniatures 
 At last a 1/2 decent picture of Drews SDZA miniatures  great and  exact miniatures loads of uses
 Hasslefree ladies more to my collection just perfect.....


  1. You actually look Happy in that first Picture Tony!

  2. Awesomeness I'll have to check out HF don't recall seeing that central chick

  3. They look to be the only females I have seen nude who weren't 'hassle-free!' (; Big thanks to you Tony for your time. Lots of positive noises about your story too!