Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Infinity Morats, woodland Indians and others

 I got the Infinity Ices storm set last week and a few more miniatures i fancied, the  combine army Morats struck me always as great miniatures  when i revived the set and the miniatures i was more than impressed with the shear quality of the sculpts and detail,putting them together was a dream no mess no not fitting there at all, the word i will say is Quality. here are the combine army Morat Aggression force, Vangard and  Zerot Special missions Reg. I hope so far i have done the  miniatures justice in my paining skills

 Warlord games set of woodland Indian again quality miniatures really nice to add to my  force so far

 3 Oldhammer oop Citadel ladies
 repainted Heroclix  guardians of the galaxy  wonderful for the price
Donnybrook LOA mounted characters
Fireforge dismounted Mongol infantry there just mazing plastics

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