Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Gods & Mortals, Oldhammer, EOTD & Fantasy

 Finished off another batch of minis this time  3 Gods and mortals miniatures from northstar geat solid miniatures, plan playing a game soon, Celtic ledgend
 Wonderful Priestess
 Herc what can you say?
 EOTD to be honest i dont like the Mr Hyde  its just not right?, Vic is cool and she is a great personality
 2 Ebay Oldhammer buys love them
 A brilliant  greek heroine form  Bronze age care of Fenris games i tried the see through clothing hehehe , just a great mini for 7 Voyage or Gods and Mortals
 2 Darksword GOT minis well you would have to buy them


  1. Great stuff buddy, The Bronze age figure is excellent and the see through top is a great idea and it works well.

  2. Great painting! I like the a bit overweight black guy most.

  3. Cool PJs. Agree on the Mr Hyde...something not quite right.