Wednesday, 2 October 2013

IHMN: The Rescue of Little Miss

 Played a game of In Her Majestys Name today, using 2 companys one formthe book and one of own  made companys, a British rifle company with Highlanders versus my Lord of Light.
we are going through the scenarios so it s the "Bring em back alive" scenario.
laid out the table and used a chruch and grave yard setting, using a few bits and bobs including my new  fences and  wagaons and coaches
 4 ground wagon behinde the grave yard

 The Sarassia gypsy wagon

 Lords of light from the left, Dr Thanos, Wolff, Unatye and miss wild and the chosen making up the ranks
 The rifle company Captian chard, Surgeon Booth and RSM Evans, and 5 high landers with piper and 5 of the Queens finest.
 Little Miss kidnapped by the Gypsys takes refuge in the church hoping her father sent for help
 The lords of light  have  had ther spies out and there is more to Little Miss than meet the eye and   seek to find out what, they move  in the location  as there spies have sent word of her  hiding
 the high walls make great cover but  cannot see any thing
 Captain Chard  dashes inot the area  his men behind he  wishes to impress the home office with his  courage and save a  young lady

 spreding out to make use of cover and get near the church
 the lord split inot 3 groups Dr thanos takes the centre with Wolff giving cover
 Unatye and wild  running to flank the red coats  blades ready, 3 chosen follow best they can to keep up
 the chosen move slow trying to find the  red coats
 the lords  running and ducking make to the church

 Chard  finds an open window and climbs in seeing the  poor young thing
 Unatye spots the  company who take position she is determined to slay them before thye can  fire on her  friends
 Captain Chard grabs lady "come with me if you wish to live"
 Wolff rusn to the church door was intent on  stopping the Captian, his people  running to  give cover
 a fire fight stars and bullets fly but  none are taken down
 a high lander charges and  his bayonet take out  one of the chosen is  seconds
 Unatye  charges the  red coats and  her  sword is ready to take off heads

 the chosen try to keep up
 Chard escapes from the church taking the  young lady with him
 Indian joe alone remains after the  volly fire of the  companys rifles as the highlanders charge him

 Wolff burst in the church but Chard and slipped out the back door
 As she is about to stike a red coat fires from a hole in the fence hos shot taking out the couragus  woman with a single lucky shot, the  2 remains red coats how saw there doom  stand gobsmaked at there escape
 As Dr Thanos  make s to try to stop the  escape of chard a  shot rings out and he is felled
 returning fire from the now in position chosen makes marks in the companys ranks
 Captain Chard makes his escape his men  putting there lives in his line of sight to the  lord of Light
 Wolff face the RSM his pistol blazing he take down the huge RSM
 Indian joe face 2 highlanders who knock  him to the ground
 Wolff runs after Chard hioping to make a lucky shot
 down but not out the  Indian waits his time
 Wild sees the one who shot her lover and charges in blade raised
 The chosen start to make ground on the  red coats
 Her blade take the   rifle man  down in one sweep her lover avenged at least
 All becomes clear the  Captian has  spirited away the  VIP

 Chard makes his escape  with Little Miss
 The red coats battle to the last but the lord of light have failed, not knowing what  was the importance of the VIP
 The surgeon raises the RSM who takles the chosen who by shear bad luck is shot by a comrade hoping to help the 2 to 1 melee
 Wolff dispatches antoehr red coat and the bagpiper  plays on
 the RSM and surgeon slip away
 Chard victorious
 the  fallen rifle company
 Unatye , Dr thanos and 4 chosen on the lord of light
 a fine ending
After thoughts? played well and interactions is  a huge part of the game and it is  fun, we both had a great time more games to follow


  1. Are those British 25mm Minifigs? I had a batch of them once upon a time.

  2. Love it. Can I ask where your roads come from?

  3. FOW copplestone road set i bought 2