Wednesday, 23 October 2013

IHMN Allan Quatermain "The Hunting of Dr Zytra"

 Had another fantastic afternoons entertainemnt using the In her Majestys name rules, we are going through some compaies and and our own devised ones, I decided to use one of my old time villians Dr Zytra and counted up his badn to face the  explorers club from the rule book Allan Quatermain  would lead the compay
 Dr Zytra the mighty Ro-man  and Psycola his deadly assassin along with 8 Morlock beastmen
 Allan had a big game hunter, his faithful porter Berocus. socialite "Hattie" and an engineer  porters and some rifle men

The scenario was Marked for death so each sides leader was the victory of the game
 Allan wins and moves into positin hoping his fire power will win the day
 DR Zytra plans to out flank and rip the  explorers apart
 the explorers try to see the  enemy
 Psycola and Ro-man  rush to the  right flank tanking cover where they can in the ruins
 the large undergrowth proves ideal to  make a stand
 the big game hunter proves his worth shooting a Morlock down  in the first shot

 The  Evil monsters  take  heed and  seek to move slow and  take the  heroes by suprise

 the centre of the table is open as each side  prepares for the worst
 it begins with claws and teeth ripping a porter to shreds and  other rushing in the melee
 Psycola charges only to be downed by Allans rifle butt before she even swings her blade, the mighty Ro-man chagers  Berocus and another porter
 the enginer face a beastal man thingother try to shoot or rush to his aid
 porters face the savage Morlocks steel against claw and fur
 around the undergrowth patch a frezied  hand to hand takes place Allan rushing to engage the Ro-man to stop his wake of death as Berocus falls
 the battle rages blades and claws clash Hattie runs ino the   Ro-man to  be slaughtered by his savagry and power
 the bodies start to rise in the sand

 Poor Hattie is killed  are all doomed now?
 A brave porter is  ripped  apart
 Dr Zytra seeking and advanting is caought and struck down by a chance hit
 Allan faces ro-man and is struck by the  claws and is about to stand , the mighty Ro-man is towering ready to deliver the final blow
 the  Morlock is shoot by the enginner
 Dr Zytra is fast enough to  take  down his  would be slayer
 Only to be shoot  by the  hunter who wins the game
 The fallen on the Explorers
 Dr Zytra and his losses
 Ro-man and single Morlock survive
Allan is victorious

What we found  again the interaction of game play is superb and the points  system proved  none  shooter will give a fire power  company a runfor the money, came down to rols of the dice. Really enjoyed it great game to  spend and afternoon


  1. Great game report SK. Some lovely miniatures and terrain.

  2. Excellent. One day I will game this...the rules are by my bed.....

  3. Excellent fun! I am so jealous of your massive range of figures. Ro-man is awesome :)

  4. Love it! Glad to see Sir Allan triumphant, but Ro-man is awesomesauce!