Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sarissa Cattle Barons Ranch house, Church & Tavern

 I spent most of yesterday  building these delights amazing kits. this the Cattle Barons ranch housewill be used for any of my games but a stand alone set piece  its brilliant.
Was not a fan of MDF  when i first saw it now its the only way to go i think for buildings and terrain pieces.

 Top floor
 Ground floor, I can get a 25-30mmm base in any walkway or room easy
 The church for the price its huge again many uses

 Tavern need this for my games as the big one i have is wonderful but this is for Al and Trixie


  1. Wow, I missed the house! That would work well for not only old West but Strange Aeons also, I could see that fitting other games also.

    1. I was thinking about strangr aeons for that house too. Very nice!

  2. Wow! That house is so Gothic as well...........

  3. Perfect for Zombie gaming in those rural towns!