Monday, 28 October 2013

New painted Amazons, IHMN & EOTD

 Shadow forge Amazons brilliant miniatures added to my  quite growing Amazon force

 Part of the empire of the dead requium kickstarter Vampire hunters
 In her Majestys name Brick lane company
Criminals Irine is superb

 Empire of the dead Vampires and  there gang members, really nice miniatures and concept


  1. Great stuff, although it was the Amazons that really caught my eye. Think I'd dismissed that range because of their lack of clothing - not because I'm being prudish but because they didn't seem to fit in with the citadel stuff. Mind you your paint jobs have done a good job of convincing me to take another look.

    I've a few of the female feral half elves from the Foundry Gods of Battle range that I intend on painting up to go with my Amazons - after I've disguised their ears.

  2. Fantastic work SK, Fine addtions to your amazone force and the Empire of the Dead figures are superb!

  3. Great work, impressive output!