Saturday, 15 February 2014

Fishmen, Swashbucklers & Mongols

 Some new painted stuff to show. Wargame Foundry Swashbucklers , painted as my Tudor Lords of Light company, for my games , i got   Pike & Shot  & Zombie rules, and was inspired alot 
Some more Scenery for our games Scota Grendle
 Fireforge plastic Steppe Warriors brilliant  figures will be used for my fantasy and skirmish

 Reaper Tikki warriors to add to my Atlantian army huge great  figs  loads of character and yes I got 12

 Smaller Tikki also Reaper
 Size shot with my 7Voyage


  1. Super cool figs and wonderful paint work there sir! I'm a big fan of reaper stuff and I have to admit I've never seen those figs. Though that isn't surprising they have such a massive range anymore.

  2. Those Tikki Fishmen would make Deep Ones that any Elder God would be proud to have worshiping it.