Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Bad day at White Water (IHMN)

 Today we played the Bring him back alive  scenario for IHMN, my mate Alec used the Texas Rangers and i used my Lords of light
 Father Abraham was the target he was trying to escape  justice and being hunted by the forced of good for some despicable deed and  stole a raft from the White water mining encampment, we used Innocent  bystander complication and  the raft moved by random up and down the river 
 Alec laid the table out and  again enjoyed it  as much as the game some times

 The Texas Rangers from the HVF book 
 My Lords of light 
 the mine
 I believe i have never used this building till today for about 8-10 years
 The LOL move taking cover from superior numbers and fire power
 The rangers advance and fan out
 Rifles ready and the use of cover to aid them
 the Rangers make a solid advance and  see the  Reverend on the raft
 A fire fight begins and ducking and shooting
 Alec contemplate his  game....
 Una using poor Pedro to no avail as cover a ranger shoots the poor creature (it was a stunt donkey and was not harmed)
 Wild tries to out flank the  firepower but falls dead to a Ranger
 Captain Smith grabs the hunted man off the raft dodging bullets but some innocents are hit
 matter worse as more appear to the sound of gunfire
 Una charges and  take out a Ranger as she is mobbed
 Dr Thanos emerges to gun fire is is knocked down more bystanders take hits
 Klondike Kate makes use of her  marksmanship and hunting rifle
 A weasel  dart across the river 
 a blow to the head knocks Una down
 Captain smith struggles with the captive as the Weasel dives into the  Frey it shakes and holds them fast
 Wolff crosses the river and takes out a Ranger
 Una rises to only be struck down again this time  for good
 3 rangers are now free to  help the  arrest
 The weasel  rips apart one of the Rangers and continues to harass Smith
 Kate shoots and drops a chosen 

 Wolff continues his fight with the rangers taking one down
 The rangers start to fail back as move bystanders are hit in the fierce battle
 The LOL cross the river to engage the rangers
 the Reverend is dragged by 3 rangers to the table edge
The rangers are victorious 4 of each side are taken out  and 19 bystanders  were hit, Brilliant game the complications and  raft movement made the game even more fun i realised i had to pick my shots or loose the game  due to the number of bystanders i had shot , great game,
Next week the  sands of Mars


  1. Pretty cool, who makes the giant ferret?

  2. Otherworld fantasy range very nice minis

  3. Great game report mate. Love that water mill 8-10 yrs shame on you its a beauty!

  4. who makes your tokens? Great looking game.

  5. Go to Warbases they make whatever you want in most colors and shapes, about 30p each....