Saturday, 22 February 2014

New painted Scotland yard, Swashbucklers , Cowboys and Mexicans (next project view)

 Some more  finished  miniatures  My mate Drew sent me the Scotland yard for IHMN and these are the first painted up brilliant miniatures and loads of character
 Some more foundry Swashbucklers to add to my new project, again superb characters loads of heroic presence
 Foundry Swashbucklers again  solid good  miniatures with  great poses and faces
 Mexican irregulars for my IHMN and wild west games Foundry again  super 
 Black Scorpion cow girls and  hired hand
 And arrived today my big year project the Tekumel fantasy world and miniatures done by the projects
Ahoggya  Armoured ones
 Ahoggya  unarmoured
 Character models
 more character 
 The Aridáni Legion of Lady Mríssa
and the wonderful  Lorún Ritual Set 


  1. Great work on the paint figs. The new arrivals look amazing are these the ones you've been waiting for?

  2. Great painting, but is not dispersion the bane of so many a wargamer?

    The Legion of the Sapphire Kirtle, 12th Imperial Light Infantry, is specially fitting to provide skirmishers in support of the 'heavy' Legion of Lady Mríssa, 19th Imperial Medium Infantry. And it seems that some of the girls could be converte drather easily into artillerists.

  3. Beautiful minis, the Swashbucklers are really impressive and the cow-girls sooooooooo cool!