Wednesday, 5 February 2014


 Had our weekly IHMN game, i used tte  Legion Etrangere as i wanted to try my new FFL
 My mate brought his painted RA and 2  nubian guards off my collection 
 His son was the  authorities the police who arive after  turn 6 to arrest people 
 We played marked for death and used a old D&D map as the museum and we were impressed at the look  we created
 The Ra moves into the huge building 
 The  legion flanking the  side door

 the building is  line of sight hell for the  legion
 Akhenaton men move as one in the rear door way
 Sairah uses her mystic to attack the  first  legion  trooper
 Gun fire and grenades erupt on the  side of  Akhenaton followers the flanking legion make ther mark

  Akhenaton shouts for his men to attack the  defilers
 a cultist is cut down by rifle  fire form the legion
  Sairah kills the  legion  trooper with her skills and deadly blades
 the Nubians charge the  legion
 Hand to hand  in the  Museum centre
 the mummy makes his way  forward
 a shot of  how the  placve looks form the  miniatures view

 Bayonet send s a cultist to his  hell
 The nubians fare no better to the legion
  Sairah enters the frey on the flanking  Legion
 The Police arrive to arrest the intruders
 as  Sairah fight the  Sgt  delivers a fatal blow to her she is down and outt
 things getting bad now for the Ra as more fall to the  legion
 a lone  legion fight off 2 cultists
  Akhenaton  with the munny charge the  Col Kreiss in an attempt to get victory to his fading  plans
 man to man the flanking  legion takes on the last  cultists at the top of the  Museum
 the Sgt is felled in a deadly fight of bayonet and blade

 The  Police enter the building shouting"you   all are under arrest in here?"
 the centre melee a cultist falls to the  training of the legion
 The Police  scuffle and start to arrest  the intruders
 a legion is knocked out
 A cultist arrested by the Officers of the law
 the centre trooper takes another cultist out he is deadly today
  Akhenaton  and  Kreiss battle each other to the death
 more arrests  continue as the ploce mop up
 out numbered the remaining fighters are arrested
 the centre legion trooper is  finaly kiled by the retreating cultists
  Akhenaton fells a  trooper the ranks of the legion are suddenly thin
 the prof fells another Kriess alone now face  the evil
 Moebius unarmed  kills a cultist
 Kreiss is now surrounded
 mesmerised  Moebius attack his daughter
  Akhenaton  victorious as Kriess is  taken out
 Amella knocks her father out
 the Police make more arrests as thye move inside the building
 Akhenaton  is the winner  victory

What we found the  objectives and  scenario complications make a game  very different indeed, we realy enjoyed the game and first game inside a building, brilliant afternoons entertainment


  1. Absolutely first class, what excellent terrain and write up. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Great game report SK. The Musuem looked great the additions of the tombs and pillars really brings the 2d map to life.

  3. Brilliant terrain and figures. Love the write up, The police burst in and say "Youre all under arrest" how frightfully British. Love it.