Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Rise of the Masters of Death (IHMN) AAR

 Had the weekly game , the terrain was a ritual circle, some where in the lost islands> in the  1700 Pirate lord El Magula was said to have buried some thing, none should ever find. The  scoundrel privateer and  blagged of  Victoria's  navy  Captain  Cushing has found the  island where  El Magula was last known reside, abandoned the island seems, his crew search and find a tomb guarded by many traps and  swamps they brave the hostile environment and loose many of there shipmates, to open the tomb hoping for riches beyond. But it was  no treasure but some thing that should be  never released El Magula was an agent of the pope and those many years ago he  fought a holy battle against a terrible evil, he  entombed the  darkness hopefully forever but Cushing released it once more on the world of men, now he must  stop it before it escapes and  the world once more  is the prey of the  Masters of Death
 Captain Cushing  a ships Doctor and  boarding officer along with 10 reaming crew men 
 The Masters of Death the Shadowking, Black Queen, Dread shadow and 5 soulless ones
 the scenario was  Marked for death which means both sides must try to wipe each other out, the Masters make their play onto the  circle of  stones
 Captain Cushing  Will use his numbers and firearms to destroy the evil, he steps from the lav hearing shouts his man see the  Masters advancing towards them
 "shot them, all send them back to hell for my soul depends on it!"
 cover and  spells mask the Masters Advance
 The crew ready there  weapons some making a  prayer to God to save them before the Captain
 the black Queen  glides over the ground  the soulless at her command  a shadow surrounds her path
 darkness and shadows play on the crew minds unable to  find targets they look at each other  in fear
 The Shadowking stalks the ruins
 no targets appears the minds of men are easy play to the  darkness
 a crewman wanders unknown and is set upon by a soulless
 Rifles and pistols fire to no effect at the  dammed
 crewman rush to the lone shipmate but are also  beset by the soulless

 a lucky shot destroys a soulless , their is hope now?

 a skirmish ensues in the centre and  is joined by the fearful dread shadow who tears a crewman to  shreds in seconds
 Cushing charges with his  crew hoping to  overpower the dammed
 dark forces make a crew man assault another the  evil is  now in the minds of men
 another hapless  crewman faces certain death at the talons of darkness
 the black queen send dragon fire and 3 crewmen fall in fear of burning her powers are extreme to there poor  souls
 in a act of shear luck or divine  intervention a stray bullet  drops the  Black Queen is the tide turning now to the crewmen
 2 crewmen wrestle a soulless but the dread shadow is near
 the    shadow king slays another crewman without mercy or  reason only to send him to hell
 is he unstoppable?
 Evil make a death  path in its wake of blood and carnage on the  forces of men
 a huge melee of swords claws and pistols continues 
 Captain Cushing sending  the soulless back
 the boarding officer  make short work of another
 is their hope now to  stay the darkness
 the Dreadshadow  slays another crewman
 he slashes and drop the captain to the ground the  boarding officer faces the  mighty demon
 the last soulless is dispatched by the now frenzied crew man
 the boaridng officer  fires point blank and is astounded as the demon is  felled
 The crew man jump and tear and smash the remains of the  Dreadshadow avenging the many he  slaughtered
 the Captain turns to see on the  shadow king standing he braces himself and  the crew stand ready for the final  battle
 the Shadoking  slays another crewman  in his path and charges the  Captain
 he is meet with pistol and  cutlass and is dropped to the ground by the force of blows
 only to rise again and lash out the crew again batter him to the ground will he never die?
 the  Darkness aids him and he rises his  blade slices and the captain feels it coldness as he is killed
 the last breath the crew man  struggle and  smash at the  evil one battering and  cutting him to pieces  over the remains of the dead Captain, at last he  is no more
 the remaining crew make there escape and   leave the  terror behind but as the ship sails  on the  rear deck an undead hand  grasps the hand rail , and the screams start again
Great game loads of fun, the Masters of Death are tough but as we know nothing in IHMN is unbeatable , i will alter a few things as this is there first outing but the Crewmen and Captain earned there  victory


  1. An IHMN game set in the 18th C., hurrah! And a very enjoyable one according to the AAR, with so much eye-candy to illustrate it!

  2. Another excellent report old chap!

  3. Zombies and pirates how can I not love this!!!

  4. Good report, lots of pretty pictures. The Masters of Death seem pretty tough. However, in a 'balanced' game, it should be a pretty close thing if no one makes any serious tactical errors.