Friday, 21 March 2014

Dracula and the Night of Ra (IHMN) AAR

 Our weekly game IHMN, in a graveyard used my new terrain and was very pleased with it all
 The scenario was number 2  to get 3 objectives off the table out of 6 we used young ladies as the objectives with marked counters under them.
 the forces were the servants of Ra  on Alec's side and mine was Vlads  vampire company
 Vlad 3 brides  2 wolves and 4  Retainers
 Akhenaton Forces no Professor this time he went for alot of cultists
 We used the night time complication so visibility was bad to start with
 Vlads company stalks the grave Yard
 Akhenaton force en mass makes for the targets
 the brides split off and  flank the  left side
 Vlad makes his way to the  graveyard
 the Nubian guards armed to the teeth are the first in the  fight
 a pack of cultist charge down the road
 Vlad confronts a victim
 the darkness slows the   cultist unable to run they  try to make there way in the darkness
 Nubian's and cultists  advance slowly
 the brides stalk the road way
 the dark powers  are used and a cultist shots point blank dead a Nubian what evil is abound this night
  a Wolf charges from the darkness and  goes for a cultist
 Sairah grabs a victim and hands to the captain
 A bride attacks a lone cultist

 the wolf is surrounded

 the other wolf  tries to stop the captain with the victim and is surrounded
Akhenaton spots 2 of the brides

 the wolf takes out a cultist but falls to the blows of the others
 dragging a victim the cultist  makes a run for it
 Vlad chases off the enemy
Akhenaton and Sairah take on one of Vlad's brides
 the captain slays the  last wolf
 the bride is felled by the  forces of Ra
 a retainer engages 3 cultists
 the fallen bride rises as the second charges in the  Ra leaders
 one is slain but Sairah falls to the claws of a bride
 Vlad slays a Nubian who dares to attack him
 Akhenaton tries to stop the retinue shoting the  cultist with the victim
 the bride  kills another Nubian and faces the captain alone
 Akhenaton faces Vlad only to  remove the head off the cultist nearby Vlads powers make even the  biggest character fear him
 the captain  finally kills the Bride
the battle ends with the last  objecive off the table and the 2  leaders locked in battle, great game and loads of fun, 2 very powerful forces and the scenario worked well


  1. Wow! Very cinematic. Great game, great AAR (as always)!

  2. Looked like a great game!

  3. I rather like the graveyard. I should get back to work on my own....
    Thanks for the pics.

  4. Great game report Tony. Both forces looked great. Love the Vampire force.