Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Napier and the Pirates of the Black Coast (IHMN )AAR

 Today's game was inspired buy a chat with my old best friend Kevin we were talking about Comics and  he mentioned the  Conan and the Queen of the Black coast  series from Dark horse, well today game is Captain Napier Vs The  black coast pirates 

Alec laid out a slavers village and we placed animals and  bystanders the game was wipe them out so both sides had to destroy the other

 Captain Napier, DR and RSM and  guardsmen  force using the new  V2 list
 Amra, the Queen, N'Yaga the  witch Doctor , a mighty Deamon Ape and 6 trained warriors, list from the Zulu in HVF
 We laid out the bystanders and  prepared

 2 lions roamed the  out side and would attack at random anyone close
 Napier's men  seek cover and places to use there fire power against the spear armed pirates
 Amra;s company ruses to take advantage of there speed and  numbers

 The British make a slow progress seeking targets
 A lion charges 2 warriors and a fierce fight  begins
 The RSM fires and shoot a warrior who is fighting the Lion

 the second warrior take out the mighty Cat
 Belit seeks to out flank the  Brits
 Amra with 2 warriors moves into the village
 the winged Deamon  makes his path to the enemy
 A solider makes it over the wall 
 a stray shot  fells a bystander
 a fight begins spear against bayonet
 the lone soldier is joined the British  take up places looking into the village
 Amras  force makes a  stealthy path towards the Brits
 N'yaga is too close and the RSM shoots him dead  is this the way of things today?
 bodies fall and the fighting is fierce and bloody on the left flank
 Napier joins the frey 
 The pirates assault the  British on the ramparts
 Napiers sword  kills the last standing pirate on the flank
 the winged deamon charges and the soldier fells but is caught out in the open  another  soldier rushes to his aid
 the fight on the flank over Napier looks to make the advantage he has   come to a result
 the battle on the rampart  continues
 the Deamon kills a soldier but is still  engaged
 Amra and Belit join the battle on the rampart to decide the battle perhaps

 Napier charges the Deamon his blade ready he kills the horror
 Belit figths  against bayonet
 Amra  kills one  soldier to face another
 who's skills are  not to match British  grit  and steel  he is felled
 Belit seeing her man down is surprised and also taken out the figtht
 this soldier ordered to charge the Deamon 3 times and would not  even move form the spot  , he will be put on trial later for cowardice in the face of a Deamon
 A wandering lion joins the  fight and i stooped by the RSM
 The remaining pirates fall to the  British and victory is  theres
Loads of fun today and the British wiped the pirates out  even with out there fire power ,and in one turn the pirates lost the 2 main characters. proves again the rules work and no one and nothing is untouchable. and i got to use  miniatures not seen on a table in about 20 years 


  1. Great report and good photos.

  2. Fun looking game. Where did you get the cooking pot from? Might need one of those myself... I've got some pirates to cook!