Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sands of Mars (IHMN) AAR

We played our weekly game and used my new John Cater company list, Vs the Explorers headed by Allan Quartermaine
 Allan Quatermaine, Lettie, a white hunter a Sgt and  troopers
 Carter, Dejah, Tars, 32 Green mane warriors and 4 Red men with arc rifles , pistols and swords
 Wolla has  a vital message  about his  pearson and is lost in the vast dune Desert of Mars he finds an abandoned city and waits knowing his master will come for him unknown it is the lair of a pack of White apes
 the sleeping killers  surround the  mighty  beast , Catch the pigeon Scenario
 We rolled for the Apes to be activated at under 6" they then attack or if a shot goes near will charge the shooter
 Woola waits 
 Carter moves in his rifle men taking places the green men charging forward to the sleeping apes to take them out the way
 Allan takes up places sneaking amongst the giants his men  hoping to shoot down the  enemy from affar
 Allan and Lettie move about the ruins 
 The huge green men engage the apes swords  against claws and fangs

 Allans company is now  past the sleeping apes but  will his luck  hold

 Carter  uses the path made by the Green men to dash for woola

 an ape falls to the surprise attacks
 A stray arc rifle shot  takes out a green warrior and wakes an ape who sniffs and charges the rifle men
 Allan sees Carter and fires to his dismay the round is a dud
 a red mans  arc pistol fells another ape
 Dejah runs to aid the fallen green man
 the charging ape  takes on the rifle man
 Carter and Tars move forward and he grabs this pet
 Lettie fires only to stun poor woola

 Allan fires with his pistol and to his amazement finds it jammed
 Carter grabs the   fallen pet and makes it back to his  fliers
 the apes behind the  troopers start to stir
 Tars  confronts Allan and a melee starts
 The apes charge the troopers
 another ape falls to the green men Carter moves  past to the escape route with woola
 a desperate struggle on the hill
 Dejah revise the fallen green man
 Lettie tries to run for a charging  Green man but is caught
 Allan trades blows the with Martian warlord as an ape charges his back
 Allans revolver stops the  beast  but he is still  facing the Warlord
 the white hunter ssoots and hits a sleeping ape how charges and rips the man to  shreds in seconds
 Lettie is taken out by the Green man

  flanking trooper is shot dead by a red martian
 A red man  kills a charging ape
 Alec starts his rolls this is the culprit
 Allan is attacked by a huge ape he gets to close  and is felled Tars is also taken out by the  white apes ferocity
 The revived Green man charges and take out the ape on the hill
 as Carter escapes off the table Victory to the Martins only the Sgt survives out of the whole explorer company and this is  Alec's last dice roll of the game, total score was 52 to 4 the  red men thrashing the explorers
 Really had a load of fun lots of  fights and  the apes made the game , Alecs dice rolls proved whatever and whoever is the dice are not with you  you can be superman and loose, Fantastic rules as we know and the John carter company was good to play with