Friday, 7 March 2014

Pegasus Bridge Warlord Games finished so far

 Well it took me almost 2 days  work to complete my Pegasus bridge set from warlord games and it was worth it its huge the extra buildings the Cafe Gondree and bunker as excellent also
how long it is 
 the ballast box i weighted so it can be raised
 The Cafe Gondree is wonderful on its own with great details and interior iam so impressed it will be used for lots of things not just the bridge set

 the whole set with poles and  bunker and cafe
 size comparison pic
 the bunker a good model and  as before has lots of uses

 size shot  using  my collection

 I was asked to take somepics with 40K minis for size andthey will fit easy on the  bridge and set


  1. Brilliant. One days i hope to expand my own hobby horizons like this!

  2. Nice work, got to get one!

  3. That is awesome thanks for pics with mini's!

  4. Fantastic, this bridge and houses are on my wishlist now...
    ohw and those figures as well, so cool this is...

  5. It looks a very sizeable piece - will you be making a river to scale to go with it?

  6. I have the hex terrain system and it has a sea box set so i can do the canal and banks will post a pic when done