Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hammerhead Convention Newark 2013

 Spent and enjoyable moiring at the  Hammerhead  convention at its new venue  at the Cedric Ford Pavilion at Newark showground Not signed well but we got there with no real problem, nice place and friendly staff and facilities. It was to my view very well attended, some  cos players also made it fun,.
 Well had to take a pic IHMN game  wonderful setting and looked very busy
 A Mantic Deadzone and dread ball game also looked well attended
 This looked fun and had some great boats
 South London warlords I think stunning and as always wonderful minis and vehicles

 Modern day war game with loads of tanks and  planes

 I wish i could name them all hehhe
 this was a bugger to take pic off
 Really nice  minis and terrain and looked great

 an ancient conquest game i think
 I don't know the table but the plane was cool
 Nice historical
 A SF game looked good all round

 A Flames of war
 Ho dear this was also here and well later see how it affected me
 its bloody huge

 just a fun great game and had loads playing it
 I think Muskets and tomahawks was  beautiful setting and minis

 A nice WW2

 Another IHMN by COGS looked great and nice stuff on the table

 Antoher flames of war I think
 The bunkers game  I did not take enough pics to show this off as a whole it was  huge Shaun makes thinks  look so good

 Over all I liked the new place little dark in some places but been to worse, really nice and  friendly, saw my old friends  and  had a good chat with Nick from Northstar and  Dave Thomas a Good day,
My haul, yes I bought a bridge, Ainsty mine and some walls to use in IHMN maps and my fantasy games, Warbases brilliant, EOTD minis i wanted a Nemo crew for my Jenny Nemo project. other bits and bobs for my gangs and companies Dads Army (don't ask) fist of kung fu minis and bits , brushes paint and glue, and a blister  of 2000ad minis from warlord


  1. Some very nice looking games there.

    I like the haul too.

  2. Nice haul. Pegasus bridge game looks awesome gives me goose pimples thinking about squads of para's charging across it. Nice haul mate.

  3. Wow, very cool looking games! I loved the battle at the Haribo factory, nice way to pump humor into a wargame!

    The zombie board looked very cool, the GW store was a nice touch. Hilarious loot pile. That bridge had quite the effect on you... Hehehehe!