Monday, 26 May 2014

3 Games of Song of Blades and Heroes

 Today myself and Alec decided to return and play the Song of Blades and heroes rules using whatever we fancied to play with.
Game 1 was unstable  ground and Alec used his Pirates lead by Tyrion against my atlantian army, 300 points per side, Alec laid out the terrain being the defender and off we went.

 the sharkadon charges forward  as the pirates advance slowly

 the first shot of the game a pirate  drops the charging sharkadon (amazing)
 2 deep ones seek to out flank the pirates, mermen following up
 the commander seeks easy prey
 a fight starts with the Deep ones
 Indian Joe takes on a lone deep one
 the commander fells a pirate
 Indian Joe makes short work of the huge fish man
 then  charges and  kills the commander
 morale rolls and  losses the Pirates win the day. excellent game and  warmed us up for the next one
 the black queen and her loyal retainers 
 against the Swords man and his  army of terror (yes terror bears)
 Magical quest hunt this time  a chase to locate a magic item
 both side make there moves the  Black queens forces are slow to get moving
 The swordsman finds the first box only to find nothing
 still advancing the Black Queens  army
 Denis the T Rex charges alone Orc bow man who stand his ground
 the black Queen seeks the enemy leader
 the Swords man and a terror bear spot the black Queen
 the Death dealer faces off against the black queens favorite Karnage
 the Swords man  charges and slays the black queen in a single  blow 
 causing the  dire Wolf and Carnage (rolling 3 failures to be destroyed and leave the table)
 Denis  fells a Orc
 and the Swords man is knocked down in a fight against a single Orc warrior
 the terror bears gang up on single Orcs
 as the swordsman rises and dispatches the last Orc , victory to the  Sword mans side
 The next and final game I used my Tekumel Ahhogya against Conan and his ships crew
 Unstable ground and treasure hunt combines scenario this time
 the  items to be found on the dangerious ground the  ahhogya leader makes slow work on the mountians
 the black corsair flanked bu arches does the same
 Conan stand back watching to seek some advantage
 the Ahhogya advance  slowly
 Trying to pick of the  Ahhogya is not easy 

 The black corsair is making slow progress as the Ahhoyga leader gets the magical item
 Conan  attack and is  knocked down by the  leader as he rises he chase and is  a casualty of the dangerous terrain (amazing again)
The Ahhoyga make it off the table and win the last game

Thoughts from us both Fun and easy to play and more than you think as its tactical and  very intense  with neither side advantaged in any situation. Remarks Fun and we have plans for many more...


  1. Nice game reports mate. I do love the variety of figs you can play with the SOBH set.

  2. Cool game and I espy some Yates originals there :)