Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Frankenstein and the land of the Dead IHMN Gothic AAR

 Well the 2 new companies  appeared on the  site so we decided to give them a run, Alec used the  Baron von Frankenstein company and I used the Village mob, the game was wipe each other out and we stuck in a complication of  zombies roaming about
 Lots of villager and hunters and  a priest in place of a witch. My camera decided to act ups  so i lost the opening shots of the game(Arc weapon discharge), so here it is form about turn 3 when  the barons company is hold up in the grave yard as the Village mob advances, and the undead have now risen and are attacking  whatever is near and looks like lunch.
 Zombies attack the barons company the creature and  some left-overs engage them as the baron seeks to  make a good place to hold off the villagers and the now moving zombies
 the creature is felled by an undead on its first blow and knocked down but not out
 the Woods men find them self's surrounded by zombies and fight for the lives

 the hero and the elder seek out the baron and his cardre
 the village try in vain to stop a left-over who refuses to die
 the zombies start to crawl all over the village hunters
 the Bride trys her  powers and falls to the ground
 the  woods man surrounded fight for there lives a skin

 the Elder tries to finish off the creature 
 the hero and priest take on Igor
 the hunters are now falling to the undead

 the creature rises and blocks the  elders blows
 a  hunter  tries to take out the bride
 the hero finishes off Igor but the priest is felled
 the elder is no match for the monster
 Who charges the hero who has engaged the baron himself but the zombies draw near
 the hero knocks the  creature down as more zombies attack but he rises and  dispatches the brave man
 the let -over take on the reaming village mob there numbers fail and all is lost as the zombies  take donw all but the creature who alone survives, victory to the barons company and a very high kill count
Fun companies and will try again, some talents we had no idea off but they worked fine and was great fun... better pictures next time when i sort out my camera


  1. I have bought a few zombies to add to my collection, must sort out a game soon!