Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Akhenaton and the temple of Blood

 We resumed our weekly wargame  and  IHMN was the  world, Alec brought his  Servants of Ra while I wanted to try my “She who must be obeyed” Company, Ayesha and her kingdom I thought out and slowly composed the  troops , Assassins with poison weapons  fanatics  warriors and rifle armed guards. The setting was a temple complex and we had the complications of undead mummies wandering the site a perfect place for the scenario which was to destroy each others companies.
Ayesha 1 assassin 6 fanatic and 5 rifle armed guards
 Akhenaton brought Sairah, his mummy and 3 Nubians along with a number of his cultists
 (I want to try a different format to my AARs so here goes)

 The 2 sides move into the complex with no line of sight on entering the guarding mummies shuffle around the site, the fanatics close in on the cultists and Akhenaton plans his moves and Ayesha sends her people to try to flank the enemy. A fight with a guarding soon erupts and sword and shields clash with the undead, the mummy finally being defeated but not after a guard is slain.

 Sairah s deadly skills slay a fanatic in a second as she weaves and dodges her way into there ranks killing any that face her or don’t face her just feel the blade in their backs, Akhenaton charges and destroys a mummy clearing a path he hopes for his men. Ayesha’s assassin making short work of any who meet her also.

 The mummies now are everywhere and make slow work but also start to make a toll on the companies men, Akhenaton’s own mummy is destroyed but the assassin and Sairah find herself alone behind the enemies lines as she kills another guard a blade sinks into her shoulders as Ayesha’s assassin makes her play, Akhenaton has now lost 2 of his best company players and now seeks to do the work himself as the mummies become increasing dangerous and his cultist although many are now falling.

 Ayesha tries to make the enemy go to her planning but fails a number of times to control the cultists and Nubians, around her is now a battle she seeks to end quickly. The assassin destroys another  temple guard as Akhenaton now  is confronted by 2 mummies he is powerful but today the gods don’t see him and  the blows of the undead send him back to his tomb. Ayesha is triumphant her forces destroying Akhenaton and her work done, There is a new deadly force at large in the world.

 Great fun and lots of twists and   dice rolls and a hell of a lot of 1’s but as always a joy to game and what a game should be fun.


  1. Another excellent batrep!
    Now the obvious question - where did you get that fantastic pyramid??

    1. it was a gift many years ago from monolinth games i belive there is only a few around, thanks for looking as always

    2. Mark - contact Steve Mussared at Monolith as he is doing some casting at the moment, Great set up tony!

  2. Awesome report and scenery. I always look forward to your AAR's.

  3. That's a wonderful looking, inspirational game. Thanks for sharing :)