Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Dragon Lady on the Dark side of the Moon (IHMN AAR)

 Today’s game was great fun , I set up a dig site for the  landscape using GW bits and my box of  terrain pieces, Alec brought the Dragon tong and I wanted to try my Selenites again..
 Dragon tong
 The scenario was number 2 fins 3 out of  6 hidden objectives and get off the table, for these we used scientists who have located something  unusual on the blue area of the moon (is an air breathable atmosphere, and the centre is an abandoned alien city from millions of years ago now populated but the earth powers and  companies)
The tong has learned from diggers that the explorers have found items of great interest and power on the dig site; wanting these they dispatch a young dragon lady Vermatrix and a small company of hastily armed tong to secure the scientists.
Unknowing the residents of the Moon Selenites and know through some powers far beyond man that the artefacts are threes and send a war party to retrieve them. The stage is set……
 The 2 companies  move  towards each other the Selenites split and  cut off the scientists in the hope of getting them first, the Tong moved in a group sending their monster to seek the Selenites beast and  defeat it, warriors and  guard weave and push into the camp the tong  fire and  charge the  Selenites, bloody hand to hand  ensures, the 2 mighty monsters meet each other as the  captain of the tong Mr Woo back stabs and slays the huge Selenite, the dragon queen confidant  charge a black guard and  to her shock he  slices her in  two on the first blow.
Scientist are carried off and  acid spiting black guard change shots, Mr woo cannot fail he charges slicing down the  Selenites in his path as his skilled warriors start to make  work of the  moon men who though armed and  well protected are no match of the skills and ferocity of the Tong, Golgotha the Selenites leader grabs another scientist and   finds her  group has all the artefacts her mission complete, Mr Woo is in deep trouble ad he claimed none of the  artefacts and lost a lot of men including the Dragon lady herself…

Great game loads of fun as normal, and yes when you roll a 1 on pluck save that’s the end of anyone…


  1. Looks like another nail biting game the dragon lady cut down so quickly wow I'm sure that was a shocker.

  2. Very nice figures - are there a few Foundry pirates in there?

  3. the tong yes wonderful minis my mate had when they first came out years ago now he has painted them up suprise for a company, IHMN make people use stuff heheh