Friday, 23 May 2014

Swashbucklers, Heroes and Astronauts

 latest paint jobs Alec found me another weasel very old citadel mini I believe, excellent
 I constructed from Wargames factory plastics  some Astronauts for my Planet of the Apes games In my head I'm  collecting
 Foundry Swashbucklers awesome minis loads of character 

 Reaper miniatures for my games , always solid great minis
 two naked ladies care of Reaper 
 Warbases  made me these for when Alec rolls to see if he breaks his weapon, superb service
Three more Tekumel  miniatures, really nice work


  1. I love the Weapon F**ked markers :D

    The astronauts are just brilliant though. I wouldnt believe that you could have made them look as astronaut-y unless I had seen them myself.

    Fantastic work :)

  2. Another giant weasel! I love your giant weasel collection by the way. The astronauts are fantastic I didn't know that kit was so versatile.

  3. Is the nun with the longsword behind her back Reaper? Couldn't ID her in the catalog...