Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New painted stuff May 6th

 Finished off some miniatures and  thought I would show, Northstar Demons from fist of kung fu game bu Osprey, really nice miniatures loads of character and a must for many things
 Ronin game miniatures again from Northstar perfect samurai again beautiful sculpts but i found like the demons some mould splinters made them hard work
 Chines gang wargames foundry pirates  these are solid excellent miniatures along with 3 north star  cultist, all ready for the next IHMN book
 Carter from Avorak castings hes going in a IHMN themed game soon
Finally don't laugh but i made this one yesterday and painted her up for my personal collection based on Raven Hex from the  Tarot comics


  1. Excellent as always. Particularly like the Chinese gang, very 'Big Trouble...'

  2. very nice - I'm into IHMN.
    I've taken a fancy to the last lady - i like my women like that but never seem to find one !