Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bloodbath at the Mine (IHMN) AAR

 Today was a 3 player game using my Mine and scenery the scenario was catch the  pigeon but we used a pig?. The Pirate Prince Captain Tyrion had found the foul deeds done to one of his uncles  Captain Cushing and seeks revenge he learns the Masters of Death seek some thing in the working mine of gravel end, a scrounging pig has eaten the ring off the table of items left to the mine owner  by Captain Cushing that could lead to the  banishment of the Masters of death once and for all.
 the mine was level 1 terrain and cover anywhere and we placed numbered counters some marked some not to represent  explosives and hazards if a shot fired close they could detonate in a random fashion
 Captain Tyrion and his crew of cut throats.
 The masters of death joined by the Black queens snake Hiss
 the Pig
 Kevin ran the mine workers 11 in all armed with what the figure represented as killed they would be replaced
 Tight corridors and a vision od only 6" in the mine 

 The Masters of Death emerge to deal there evil on the  land
 Tyrions pirates  flooding the mine site  determined to  take what they want 
 Mob handed they  instantly engage the  wine workers in a fire  and cutlass fight
 out manned the mine works start to fall
 Tight  passage ways  they rush the mine
 a brave worker blocks there path, shots are fired and  it ignites a barrel of  gun powder 
 all are knocked to the ground  a single casualty proves  to be hard on the pirates
 the ships doctor is slain in the explosion
 The shadowking stalks the camp a poor woman is  slaughtered wihtout care by the  darkness as he walks the  camp
 Pirates flood the camp firing at the workers
 a mine worker rushes to the aid of his fellows  straight into the   walking death dealer
 the dread shadow stalks the mine  
 the pirates  still fight the mine workers  ina bloody hail of fire
 the fallen pirates rise and enter the mine
 Tyrion rushing forward determined to get the prize
 the pirates flank the side of the mine
 the blades flash and another soul is  taken
 the  undead  grasp at the mine workers
 Hiss blocks off the pigs route of escape
 only to come face to face with the Pirate  prince
 a female  worker is charged by an undead
 pirates, undead and mine workers struggle in a melee
 the ships mate fights a worker in the  road ways
 Seeing the huge snake Tyrion back attacks the  mine worker hoping to get some back up from his crew
 the dread shadow moves silent in the  darkness and  stale air
 a pirate is unfortunate enough to become the next victim
 he is no match for the darkness
 felling the worker Tyrion again  enters the heart of the mine
 The Shadow king cuts down those who are  fighting the Black Queen
 Tyrion  faces the dread shadow and finds he is best not in that place and makes a run for it
 escaping the mine he shouts for his men to deal with "whatever is in there im too busy"
 aided by her  husband the female  stops the undead
 the slaughter continues in the Shadowkings wake
 dead abound in the rear of the mine the carnage mounts
 seeking to over power the darkness and his  concubine 3 pirates rush and  give sword and pistol to the evil
 the pig now  finds he can escape the mine and darts out
 Hiss follows hoping to cut off the animal
 Tyrion sees the melee with the Shadowking and takes aim and fires 
 (the  area had a level 2 marker and  a 1 was rolled so the explosion  happened to all withoin 6" pulk save and knocked over at least)
 the blast fells all and  kills the black Queen and 2 pirates even Tyrion is felled. (yes Alec you blew the table up!)
 Hiss is shot dead by a mine worker, the pig  running off
 the Shadowking is first to rise and dispatches a fallen pirate without care
 the dread shadow  attack Tyrion who amazingly destroys the evil being
 pirates and undead start to rise and tear at each other
 the sShadowking slaying all he faces
 the first mate is  killed as Tyrion chases after the pig
 the animal makes it off the table , Tyrion in hot pursuit
 as the final pirate falls
What a game so much fun, we both lost as the pig ran off the table?, really intense and the body count was 33 a huge total. the pirates fought so well, Tyrion was  amazing and funny as he darted about and hos   shot blowing up the marker we laughed  at the result. Masters of death  bad news but never unbeatable, more on this story to follow  perhaps in another  game . really enjoyed and was great fun the complications were many but like we know did not stop or hinder play only enhanced it...


  1. Loving your battle reports, the terrain and the figs are great.
    This game looks really enjoyable, I haven't seen it anywhere else.
    Where is the shadow king miniature from?


    do some great minis