Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Jenny Nemo and the Bridge (IHMN)AAR

Today we used Alecs new British company from Notrthstar he painted them and I wanted to use my Jenny Nemos crew Id just completed, also I wanted to use my bridge so we laid it out picked breakthrough as a scenario and the complications were the  engineers had laid mines all over the area , the  British would try to stop Jenny's crew escaping off there side of the table

 laid across my table it was big enough for a good game and looked great

 added a boat and raft to the water and used the new swimming rules if needed
 Captain Napier's party  defenders
 Jenny Nemo jack some crew a large fish man and 3 of his atlantian mates
 the British hope to give enough fire to stop the runaways

 Napier and the Doctor  take there places
 Jenny Nemos crew  evaluate how to escape
 Rifles ready
 Jenny splits her crew into sections to make more targets
 the RSM is in place with 2 guardsmen
 Dwellers of the deep make there run for the cover and the  boat
 a crew man falls to  rifle fire from the other side of the bridge there harpoon pistols out of range
 the rocket man makes his  move to fire

 the bridge becomes a  tunnel of doom

 the Atlantian get on board the boat to make  a crossing giving 2  attack paths
 one tries to pick off the defenders using his arc rifle 

 Jack revives the fallen crew man giving fire as cover
 an arc shot  vaporises a guards man
 the boat is hit by the rocket it stalls  the atlantian and crew man decide to swim
 a trooper who rifle is now useless  decides cover is best place for him
 the atlantian makes a swim for it does not need a test 
 Jack treads on a mine and is  unharmed
 he continues over the bridge
 the crewman drowns as the atlantian makes to the  shore
 the RSM continues to fire on the swimming  enemy
 the atlantian makes the  shore line
 jack throws his harpoon long and wide
 his aim perfect
 the  solider with the broken rifle is  struck dead as a door nail
 the engineer takes aim with his last rocket and fires
 slaying the  atlantian before he can rise form the water
 another block Jacks path as Jenny runs to the  other side of the bridge there crew all gone only she and  her husband remain
 Napier runs to the aid of his troops
 the solider is no match for Jacks blade  as Napier runs to block he  swings his sword 
 and in IHMN this is how you break a sword
 Napier block Jack as Jenny jumps the rail and heads for her escape
 she is surrounded  but  manages to free her self and runs off un pursued
 Jack makes a play for the  escape route as Napier  runs after him knocking the last of the  enemy down, the game ends
 Great game lots of fun good to use my bridge and our new company's, complications and effects again no harm no  ruin the game


  1. Brilliant report nice to see the bridge getting used.

  2. The bridge looks nice another great report. As I feared the harpoon pistols don't seem to be much help.

  3. Jolly good show, Captain Napier. Lovely stuff as always, Tony!