Wednesday, 9 April 2014

EL Toro and the Suffragettes (IHMN) AAR

 Well today's IHMN game is  a mad as it gets (i can get stranger and will i promise), we picked our company's Alec wanted to use the Mexican rebels from HVF and I wanted to try the  Suffragette company off the web site  done by Blancador, the setting as a city park, and the  scenario wipe them out,.
I would explain how the suffragettes and  EL Toro came to  the point to wipe each other out ina city park but that's to  ones own imagination, the  local police (French Gendarme) would also arrive and  innocent bystanders are involved , Nuns and assorted  animal in the park
 Park lay out

 EL Toros company lots of villages 2 mercs and his beloved
 The Nuns
 They will walk the pave yards giving cover and  bystanders
 The Suffragettes Lady Griselda “Godiva” Virago, (naked), Millicent Fawcett , Lady Florence Baker, 8 suffragettes 2 naked 2 with shot guns one with bottle  bombs 
 An  inspector , Sgt and 6 officers of police
 the suffragettes enter the park intent on wiping out the rebels
 EL Toro has superior numbers
 Shotguns and  nudity there weapons
 the ladies us the Nuns as cover

 Florence hopes to bag a few rebels with her hunting rifle
 the villages sneak forward trying to spot the   Fearful women
 She takes up position with a naked  suffragette waiting to charge the foolish men
 Dirty Dons party  flanks the  ladies
 Isabella makes to the corner of the tea house
 the Nuns break the   villagers advance
 Naked Betty charge a mercenary who stands his ground against the  nubile  amazon
 EL toros men rush to the attack
 Dirty Don  flanks the Nuns and engages  Virgos party
 the bomb thrower does what all do fails to even throw it
 A shot gun  suffragette is gunned down
 Betty cuts down the mercenary with her umbrella (yes we will not ask where she keeps it at all were gentlemen)
 EL Toro takes on 2 ladies  between the bars of the park fence
 Betty   advances and is jumped by the  Peons ( that is never to be  typed again)
 A large melle starts on the flank as the Nuns pass bye not wantiong to get involved in such a ruckus
 Millicent runs to the aid of the fallen shot gunner only to  be attacked  she punches his light out in one blow
 EL Toro is struck  down by the ladies  pistol fire
 The skirmish starts to go to Dirty Dons men
 Betty falls to the Peons blows
 the police arrive on reports of naked woman and armed   men in the park

Dirty Don  attacks Virgo in hand to hand  to finally stop there advance
 Isabella joins the fight with Millicent as she revise the shot gunner a peon joins the frey
 Florence enters the walk way path while she is covered by a brave  suffragette
 the police make a slow advance hoping for it all to be over when they arrive
 Florence  shoot Isabella in the back
 Dirty Dons men start to prevail against the armed women
 the priest goes to EL toros aid as the peons  drop another lady
 the shot gunner is  taken to the ground again and  Millicent is best by an armed peon
 the priest revise EL Toro

 Virgo alone face 3 rebels now 
 A mercenary falls to another suffragette
 Dirty Don is victorious as Virgo is taken out

 Florence is  over run her bravery is no match for machetes
 EL Toro charges a  lady who seeks a better position she is no match for the  slashing blade
 Milicent is  down as the police arrive
 the villager  do a runner form the police
 they move in to the scene of carnage
 only one  villager is arrested for the  chaos in the park a total of 18 casualty's and 2 animals were  killed in the incident, Victory to the Rebels
Brilliant game loads of fun as usual both sides were very good company's


  1. Simply *excellent*!

    Would not the naked suffragettes have a motto -'Vote!' or something- painted on their breast?

    Btw, for nuns with a more 'active' role, I dream of someone converting four nuns with respectively 2 ninjato, 2 nunchaku, 1 bō staff and a pair of sai to have the quartet of sisters Leonarda, Michelangela, Donatella and Raphaela....