Monday, 28 April 2014

Now for the 11 questions from Clam.............

Dave Wood put my name to his  sheet so here is my 11 questions

·        You are marooned on a desert island with a large set of paints and brushes but only 1 miniature.....which miniature would you choose?
a Copplestone foundry Revernet Elf

2. On that desert island you later discover a shop...they happen to sell one hobby accessory..which one?
Decent  tape measure

3. Said shop is run by a hobby related individual, past or present. Who are they?
Peter Gilder

4. You have been rescued by Superman and brought back home. Your entire collection has been sold by family / friends / the taxman etc. You still have your paints.....what is the first figure you will buy?
Some thing by Steve Saleh

5. If you could have any past miniature range in its entirety, which would it be?
Valley of the 4 winds Minifigs

6. A miniatures manufacturer you don't think should have ever existed.....
I would never comment on anyone talent or trying hard

7. Your likeness in miniature - sculpted by whom and in what clothing?
Steve Saleh me as a Viking Warlord

8. A complete range sculpted by your favorite sculptor? Choose the range and sculptor....
Jez Goodwin naked Amazons on the moon army

9. You get the chance to interview anyone for your blog. Who do you or dead but hobby related and must be different to number 3 may wish to change that answer...
The man Don Featherstone
10. You are elected head of Games Workshop by shareholders tired of the current board.....what is your next move?
Find all the old molds and cast again in metal all the old stuff  and  sell space marines in 30s for under a £10
11. The Grim Reaper finally comes to you in your dotage and says you are to be resurrected. Choose a year and country / region in which to be reborn. Sorry, but you don't get to choose who you will be though, that's in the lap of the Gods......
One life times enough, thank you


  1. Will John Winter make a good alternate for Jez Goodwin? ;-)