Sunday, 6 April 2014

VSF, Harem & bits painted up

 Finished off some more work, Ironclad Character Sherlock as i see him in top hat not dear stalker
 Hasslefree barbarian I wanted a good Conan so  here he is perfect
 Dwarf female troll slayer, my character  Tablets daughter Substance
 love the minis
 Egyptian Harem Indiegogo Campaign cobras

Egyptian Harem Indiegogo Campaign Princess set this is the basis to my SHE (IHMN) company
 Assassins perfect and  great miniatures
 2 of the freebies off the  Egyptian Harem Indiegogo Campaign
 Other world Giant rats superb
Otherworld leaches
Ironclad steam carriage well you have to have one

 Ironclad flyer's
 crewed with my some  of my Mars collection
 nice big ships  and will  be used


  1. Excellent work. Love the Ironclad skyships and Hasslefree Jayden is great.

  2. Very nice work on Egyptians and the Hasselfree figures!