Wednesday 1 September 2010

FOW 6000 point a side game at Maelstrom games part 1

Had a great day at the wonderful venue at Maelstrom games and Mansfield, there gaming hall is the very best i have ever seen and me and my gaming buddy went with 6,000 points aside FOW WW2, played on a 12 x4 table we spent about 6 hours gaming, and enjoyed every min. great venue and store, the guys there are the best and friendlist people in the hobby, and the service second to none. heres some pics of the game, (yes the German's lost, I did forget my rockets and pioneers hehe well thats my excuse...

Golgo new art & comic style picture by artist

Another Golgo piece of art work, and one done by a proffesiona comic strip artist of my SL character..