Saturday 14 June 2014

Painted stuff for June

 Ok here's the compilation of what i have done so far, A wonderful Grundy from the Batman game
 Drew sent me this as a birthday  present  Gothic Batman yipeee
 Yes Grundy is huge
 Freebooter Assassin a brilliant miniature
 Ironclad Walker well I had to have one

 Warlord games type97 tank

 Perry British intervention force minis for my  VSF
 Fenris cult leader one scary bugger

 4 more lead adventure pigs just brilliant

 Bolt action Warlord games US marines 2 squads painted  so far

 Bronze age barbarian a great miniature
 Bronze age Martian woman super fig
 A cave guy from Spartan games i think? hes cool
 Northstar cave men  really nice miniatures

1 comment:

  1. Nice minis, love the Ironclad Walker especially!