Wednesday 30 September 2015

Frostgrave game and a big Barbarian

 Finished off this Reaper miniatures Barbarian , I  have a selection of the scale 75 paints and thought  i would  paint him just using them for a change? big lad and  great miniature.
 We did a frostgrave today  and i also finished off the treasure tokens you got free with the Nickstarter so all was set, we  spent time getting the wizard party's  compiled , and laid out a table on my 3x3 , we rolled "The Mausoleum" as the scenario, so lots of undead.

 My side was Elementalist, apprentice,  2 archers a barbarian, treasure hunter and a Theif
 Alec used his IHMN bad guy a man at arms 2 archers and 2 infantry and some thugs 
 slow progress onto the board I believe  positions are so important and who is where as we later found.
 trying to flank is not easy
 do you rush the  treasure in the central building or not?
 Alec summoned and imp so a terror bear appeared
 the undead attack and  it was relentless

 Alec;s apprentice gets tied up with the undead.
 my treasure hunter is swamped by cultists
 more undead  keep coming form below
 I decided grab and run
 combat take  all over and is actually great fun as we opposed the rolls for the undead and it does keep the game rolling fast
 as we grab and run under arrows and undead a wandering monster arrives on my side as my barbarian makes for the exit a bloody snow leopard as he engages the beast an arrow thuds in to his back , thank you 20 on a dice roll!
 we backed off fast
 Alec's team under attack till the end
End we did a  total and Alec won on experience points, he enjoyed it alot he said to me, there is  a great deal of thought inot the game play and  how and when you move and fight with who. 
we did a few things wrong on reading and  finding  out later but overall a fun game  with  intense play.

Saturday 26 September 2015

Frostgrave "The living Museum"AAR

I was part of the Nickstarter on the Frostgrave  game and  got my book and miniatures, on reading i was impressed then other things took over AOS for one,The book I placed at one side  and  it looked at me for a time, the eagerness and enthusiasm on the net for Frostgrave was abound and still looked and smiled at all the gamers who built  party's and  the huge amount of wonderful terrain they collected and made. I was distracted till the next Nickstarter entered the web, i had a day off and decided  I should at least give it one go before I joined the new Nickstarter.

I composed 2 parties and  read again the rules (prob missed loads but  remembered and sought out  rules I needed) I printed the spells and  the nice cheat sheet and  went for it. The mission was "the Living Museum" laying out some terrain  here is the result

The game played very easy and  it works fine, I was  a bit wary of the D20 combat, but it does work well in the game. The activation sequence is a great part of the  play and how you do things. The magic is  a huge part and reading the spells and  seeing how thy can be of advantage again worked well, I empowered the barbarian and man at arms to +2 to damage they can then deal alot of  hits out.

I enjoyed the whole game and yes I got the next Nickstarter  sorted. wandering monsters I believe  will be great and  different terrain certainly make a whole game  time. I intend to  play more and explore other magic classes and ideas, recommended!

Saturday 19 September 2015

"Conan & the Tower of Blood" part 2

Part 2 of my Conan chainmail bikini game using Astounding Adventures, again took pictures and then sorted and  placed and composed on my Manga studio.

At the Earth's core, Sagoth's and others painted

 I was so inspired by this  publication "At the Earths Core " by Bobby Nash and Jamie Chase published by dark horse. I had to at long last do a Sagoth army for my wargames and  skirmish games and AARs, so?,
 Here is the result based on old star wars pr paints i  converted  my force. keeping it as simple as i could Iam pleased with the end result
 The leader has GW parts and most of the weapons are plastic Ogre spares

 My Mahars are heroclix so im  good for a  army
 Well i had to put them in a picture Antediluvian miniatures
 here with an Iron clad mole

 One of my very old scults of David Innes
 A Hasslefree miniature I could not resist of the Legertha shield maiden  
 The sand snakes from GOT
 Crooked dice Weed amazing model
The size
and here is my Beilt at last i think she fits perfect