Thursday 26 June 2014

Hinterland miniatures painted up

 Painted part one of the wonderful Hinterland miniatures, always wanted them and will get some mounted next i think, great war game miniatures and sculpts

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Dragon Lady and night of the Ninja (SDRS IHMN)

 Return to IJMN after a week of reprise on your minds, SDRS complies come out this time the Ninja against,   the Dragon lady.
Ogaru  Mariko 3 Genin and 5 novices
 the dragon lady and her gang, a jingle temple was the setting with  monks/ cultists as complications

 Alec always takes great joy laying out the terrain

 the scenarios was fort nil point so the dragon lady's was in defence
 the ninja move onto the table
 the undergrowth slows their advance and the first shot slays the leader of the ninja (roll a 1  first roll of game hehe) 
 the ninja rush the temple flash grenades and all the gate way becomes a  blur of swords and steel

 deadly hand to hand the ninja  make no head way n to the temple

 musketry cannot get clear shots now the entrance is blocked
 the ninja are forced back out side a number are killed inside the temple the dragon Lady's men rush to finish off the  attackers
 the gate way again causes problems as the  tong find themselves unable to being there full force to bear
 the ninja kill 2 dragon men but this allows the  tong to charge
 a huge melle take place the forces of the dragon lady prevail against the deadly ninja 

 the remains tong advance the huge  yeti doing nothing (blended into the temple actually)
 the last ninja seeks better ground but is cut down the dragon lady victorious again ...
Really good game fast and  great to try  the new companies , the  dice as we say make the game complete and a 1 is a fail whatever ......

Monday 23 June 2014

Kevin Adams and more painted stuff

 Last week visited the new Wargames foundry site and had a nice day I meet an old friend again Kevin Adams the master sculptor and  figure maker, he is hard at work there  his skills never cease to amaze me and his talent is  just a miracle to  toy soldiers, Great to see him back after the vile attack on such a great guy. Very warm welcome and  to again see people i know and company I enjoy

 Crooked dice  assassins

 one i had to buy  no reason to ask
 A Fenris games  investigator  wonderful model
 another Fenris cultist 

 Redoubt miniatures nuns (you can never have enough)
 Dark sword  honey badgers anther just had to have 
 Wargames foundry Street violence  young lady
 wonderful dark sword  fantasy mini
 another dark sword miniature 
 CD games miniature i don't know WHO it is ?
 Cattle for my wild west and skirmish games Redoubt again

 Bolt action US Marines superb plastic stuff , I was very happy with all the  gear they do  very strong miniatures

Saturday 14 June 2014

Painted stuff for June

 Ok here's the compilation of what i have done so far, A wonderful Grundy from the Batman game
 Drew sent me this as a birthday  present  Gothic Batman yipeee
 Yes Grundy is huge
 Freebooter Assassin a brilliant miniature
 Ironclad Walker well I had to have one

 Warlord games type97 tank

 Perry British intervention force minis for my  VSF
 Fenris cult leader one scary bugger

 4 more lead adventure pigs just brilliant

 Bolt action Warlord games US marines 2 squads painted  so far

 Bronze age barbarian a great miniature
 Bronze age Martian woman super fig
 A cave guy from Spartan games i think? hes cool
 Northstar cave men  really nice miniatures