Sunday 29 December 2019

Heroines and Blood tribes painted

Got there wonderful miniatures fro Dark Sword, a joy to paint
 Even archer from my games
 I wanted this naked study miniature for  a character from the Slaine comic series, Sinead, hope i did it justice

This is another favorite character from the league of extraordinary gentlemen comic based on a hero clix, Hugo Hercules 
Finally something I wanted Raging heroes fantasy Blood Tribes, very expensive but i like them..

Friday 27 December 2019

Terror of the Red Empire Episode 2 (Astounding tales Game)

 So episode 2 of the Astounding tales Game by Howard Whitehouse , the scenario based on  written by Matt Kelland. "Slaughter house of the Red Empire"
 The game was set up and the cast continued, as always dice rolls and what happen is as it the game.
 Last episode Jasko and company faced a fiery death in the club. was our heroes doomed?
 Jasko wakes to find fire all around he shakes off the dust, and rouses his companion's they pull open a cellar door and jump in as the building collapses
Escaping  the  fire.
LaLa is abducted by the Red Empire they are  contacted by Thomas Bolt LaLa\s boyfriend who says her Father is respected Scientist  Dr Shakel. and he has been missing for months?. Jasko uses his detective skills to find the Dr was working on an experiment to make matter vanish. Trent  finds evidence that Psycola has rented an old butchery off the Docks, as Thomas leaves  the building he is abducted by the Red Empire . Jasko plans a full assault on the building .
Episode 2 
 Raj, Jasko, Trent and Lucy
 Jasko contacts his agents  Samuel and a hit team are on there way.
The butchery , laid out, (Sally 4th  terrain)
 Inside  Turk and the  owner Grudge  sort thorough a pile of weapons

 LaLa is locked in the toilet
 Workers and Red empire  eat and drink guarding the prisoner
 The rest of the workers in the main  room here a crash and a bang as the door explodes and  figures dash into the room.
 From the roof a glass shatters and Raj slides down into eh top lever his pistols blazing
 Psycola appears " You  Dog you shall die for this intrusion!" 
 Trent runs into the  room his fist sending a worker to the ground

 Jasko also drops  down on a wire, as he lands he kicks a worker  in the head, his pistol blazing
 Four red empire are shot down, he shouts above the  noise "LaLa where are you?"
She screams from the  toilet.
 Jasko shoots down another Red Empire "Were here to get you to safety"
 Some this huge rattles the nearby cage

Lucy struggles with a worker he  shoves and bashes her into the wall 
 Trent struggle also with a worker locked in hand to hand combat.
 Jasko  takes out more workers with his trusty Revolver
A wall panel opens as  More Red empire rush into the fight
Raj confronting Psycola  is  shot in the arm by a worker appearing from the office
He spins and shoots him dead. 
 An office door erupts as the huge Grudge charges out grabbing at Lucy with his huge hands "Your pretty"
 Turk appears and spies Raj on the upper level
 Psycola  runs down the stairs and pulls the  leaver on the cage Door screaming. "Taak Kill him!"
 Turk takes aim and Raj is shot from the  upper level
 Taak grapples with Jasko who kicks and  pistol whips the huge monster , from getting a grip on him

 Trent  sees Turk shoot down Raj he pulls free his Tommy gun and empties the magazine into the Vile man.
 The end of Turk
 Psycola  grabs LaLa "You come with me bitch" 
 Jasko gets close and  shoots Taak in the forehead, the monster falls  dead to the ground
 Psycola  pulls LaLa  past Jasko

 The  panel opens again and more Red empire rush in  screaming and firing at Jasko 
 Distracted he  open firer into the advancing Empire
 Two fall under the hail of gunfire
 Grudge grabs Lucy by her head and slams her into the wall she drops down, Trent slams his machine gun butt into the huge ones face , he only turns and smiles"You Die now"
 Psycola reaches the  upper level and shoves LaLa inside the office she pulls out a detonator and  sets the fuse. She pushes LaLa into a cupboard and  steps in the  pair  drop down out of sight
 Jasko runs up the stairs to see the pair vanish and  before him and the deadly fuse bomb ticking away
 Grudge throttles Trent and the   other Fear Agents arrive
 Firing and taking up position Samuel  directs the deadly females
 Grudge sees a female trooper as he drops an almost lifeless Trent, "Another pretty to play"
 The agent  fires point blank into Grudge the machine gun doing its deadly work on the  beast
 Another agent sees the  panel with the Red empire and does the same death spitting from the machine guns
  The Red empire and decimated by the  firepower

A third agent runs to aid Jasko with the bomb he  manages to defuse the timer, the agent pulls a lever to the cupboard and it opens showing Psycolas escape route
 Samuel orders the wounded to be taken out the building with most haste
Below Psycola  runs to an idol and  pulls the head of the stature "Die Jasko Stone!"
The  building explodes 
Has Jasko failed and his  party dead??
What will happen to LaLa?
What terrible plans do the Red empire have?

Very intense game, played very well, Enjoyable and fun. the terrain was great to use and I recommend the sets. More to come..