Saturday 3 December 2016

Box wars part 1 (Dragon Rampant )

 As many know I have a vast collection of miniatures and  wanted for a long time to use  at least some that have never seen the table top. I have a huge Heroclix collection and  file boxes full so ..
Time is with me I  looked over the wonderful Dragon rampart and made up 2 forces from my Heroclix and  Shadowking  file boxes. basic fight scenario on a 3X3
 Shadowkings(Elite foot) force himself, Ro-man (Greater war beast) Deadend (light shooters), Flashman(bellicose foot) and Sir Alec (heavy missiles)
 The Heroclix, Bats (elite foot), Omac, (Elite foot),, Red hood (Light foot/ shoot), She hulk, and Black Swan (Bellacose) 
 The Clix easy move on the table
 Sir Alecls group find there targets in the ruins
 Flashes  gang run to engage
 "Fire at will" (why is it always poor Will) Alecs group spots she hulks group and fires
 3 of she hulks gang are felled she rolls courage and this happens
 Red hood tries to avenge and fails a shoot roll
 Flashman charges in
 he defeats the Red hood who after retreating fails miserabley his courage roll joining She hulk
 Black Swans  group must charge the might Ro-mans gang
 they force them back slaying one of the monsters
 Bats must act and he  charges into Flashman
 Wiping him out
 Black Swan again attacks her group shoving Ro-man back again

 Bats attempts to finish Ro-man but fails and is  himself threw back
 Wolff makes his move battering the  Batman
 he fails and is removed
 Dead end fires at Omac's gang reducing them with very lucky shots
 he falls back retreating and  fails again
Ro-man chases off the  last band, victory to the Shadowking. 

Very  enjoyable little book keeping and it  was what i needed fun. more mad games to come.