Monday 29 July 2013

T'lekkan warriors for God of Battles

 Finished off some more T'lekkan for my army, hope to use at the weekend at the God of battles day at Foundry
 Realy solid models and great to paint

Friday 26 July 2013

Very old miniatures made by me

 The great Steve Casey of the Oldhammer group sent me a copy of the  Rouge trader 40k book, i promised  i do some pictures of my old sculpts from long ago, some were cast up some were never cast and used to add to my collection, i thought id share, abouve are 3  fantasy heroes that were cast iand sold in the 80s
 5 fantasy heroes made but never cast up
 A huge mutant hero again not cast
 3 more Fantasy I belive were cast and sold
 These were the high command for a range i made of 20 miniatures but the collection has not been seen , I kept these for myself
 2 very old Heroes miniatures we sold a heck of alot of the  2 minitatures and were favorites
 Again one made but never cast the Death Dealer
 3 more fantasy heroes form very long ago , never cast
 Bio-san and A-mok  both never cast up
 I made this but was never paid so i kept it Urko
 Part of a SF range i made a 12+ freeman range and about 4 Harkonans , lost never seen  this was saved by me
 My version of the warhammer 40k Emperor long ago as  we all belive GW would never make him, i did have a lesser armour version but i must have sold it .
3 SF character not sold the girl on the end was for a bubblegum crisi i made the suits and unarmoured  females I saved only this one

Tekumel miniatures painted

I was one of the lucky people to recive free miniatures from the Tekumel Range, Howard sent me a set of Mara Deamons, and the  plot was to paint them up and show on a blog, so here is my  work and  finished miniatures
 I Stuck them using super glue and placed them on Renda  round 25mmm bases
 After a black undercoat I painted the basic colors I wanted the  miniatures to be highlighting only 1 level, Foundry paints used to give bright colors
 When dry i ran a army painter medium wash over the whole miniature allowing it to dry, this gives me my shadows and tone to then paint the hightlights
 The finished  paint job highlighted and worked to my standard
 Based with flock and sand texture base
 another shot , I relly do like these guys for any game or setting
Size comparison with some 28mm miniatures, I must thank Howard for the chnace and the great  miniatures.

Sunday 21 July 2013

Feral Half Elf God of battles & Hugo and Pandora

 Another nice set of miniatures from Foundry god of  Battles range, Half Elf Feral warriors
 this is the first unit of 2 with command  group chracters to follow
 Size shot against the T'lekkan
 Fun picture featuring the  TV7 characters Hugo and  Pandora
 Playing with  photoshop

Tuesday 16 July 2013

God of Battles Merfolk

 Finished these of yesterday and  Iam realy impressed by the miniatures, Wargames Foundry, God of battles  Sea Elf Merfolk
 Nice command group
Size comparison shot

Sunday 14 July 2013

New Buildings. Wild West. Victoriana, Cool alien, 7th Voyage, Vampires & modern ladies

 4 new buildings from Battle flag bought as a deal, they are great work as usual, signs i made on my photo shop if anyone wants a copy  call me
 My town so far, a few more to add but looking good
 Wargames Foundry Victorians, a small conversion on the lady in reds arm
 More Warames Foundry  Victorians armed lady and 2 young tricks (one is painted up as Trixi form Deadwood)
 Foundry Wild west
 God of Battles Vampires
 Killer B Games alien always wanted him
 More Sinbad crew from Wargames Foundry
 Victorian vampire hunters form Garry Mitchelles site (need better pic i know)
Killer B games again 2 young ladies

Wednesday 10 July 2013

God of Battles T'lekkan Princelings

 Finished some more Wargames Foundry God of Battles miniatures the T'lekkan Princelings, flying  bug men, very nice miniatures again form the range, and will fit inot any  sort of game...

Size comparison shotthe 2 humans are from many years ago my  concept models for  Foundry, Marcus says he has found a mould I dont know if these are on it, but they were cast up

Sunday 7 July 2013

Eisenkern Stormtroopers, characters, Fed security babes & Dead guy

 Finished my Dreamforge Eisenkern Stormtroopers, Really good plastics, i based them on my  long time SF unit of Starkillers, used in my 5150 pictures and  artwork.
 2 characters made from the  sprues with help form Crooked dice , west wind  and tin man, came out exactly like I wanted
 Group shots using my SF collection of vehicles  Old Crow  very nice painted by my Son Steven for me some years ago

 Crooked dice latest creation Federation mutants, all good to add to the pile
Character from lead adventure miniature i just had to have him
 Old art that i based my  troopers on