Friday 31 May 2019

Lucid Eye, Elf king and Jim Fitzpatrick miniatures painted

 Have always wanted these miniatures to my collection. The Jim Fitzpatrick range is amazing work and a joy to paint up. I think I did them justice along with some miniatures from Red  book of the Elf king.....

Also lady Godiva from Trent miniatures

Monday 27 May 2019

Lucid Eye, Mechanicum and others painted

 Finished off some more bits, the Hydra miniatures  Evil warlord..
 More Hydra miniatures to add to my Pulp collection
 Crucible Crush and Northstar Deep ones , some miniatures I always wanted
 Northstar   hunter and pearl diver.
 GWDestroyers for my 40K army
 More Vanguard
 Lucid Eyes wonderful red apes.. joy to paint
Also Lucid eye some Courlocks, useful for lots of games

Saturday 11 May 2019

New painted stuff.

Finished off some new miniatures for my collections
 Crooked dice  apocalypse  heroes and milita. Great miniatures loads of character.
 More Apocalypse  from Crooked dice. wasteland ravagers
 Frost grave wizards from North Star  beautiful miniatures
 Two heroine characters again a must buy
 Pulp hero from Hydra miniatures 
 The great man himself a real must buy.  
 Two Eternian guards form my  games Hydra miniatures
Martian characters from Morpheus range, very nice miniatures.