Sunday 31 July 2011

Ambush Dr Syn & The Sands of Mars

Another 2 games i have palyed one using again the great 7tv game
system the other using the very old TSR warriors of Mars rules,


Dr syns convoy is ambushed by or agents and forces of the Law

Don't ask who was the driver

Our agents and the Fuzz

Syns car his hit and turns over he is wounded but gets out

His daughter returns fire

The leggy assistant goes for it but a sppeding truck goes

stright for her

Dr Syns henchmen jump out and attack the Police

One truck stops behinde the road block and the police face

a rear attack?

More Henchmen bail out and run to the police lines guns


The cargo trcuk speeds inot view and covers the Evil Dr

Henchmen go hand to hand with the bobbies

Fearfang rips inot the Hennchman who really should

know better

Top man is attacked by a sword wilding female

More try to clear the road

Dr Syn returns to his lines wounded but still going

A deadly assassin strikes the intent police man

Sir Alec and legs move up shooting them down as they


The road is clear of the henchmen the last line charges

Always has an escape plan he drives cross country

Top man goes down to a deadly sumo is all lost? but he regens

and wipes the reaining enemies out

Top man Sir alec and legs not forgetting the dog

why does the monkey look confused


The Warhoon attack

Red females make some sort of defence in the ruins

John carter and allies arrive to fend off the green men

Deadly hand to hand in the ruins

Carter delivers the killing blow to the warhoon leader

The green men fall back capturing only a few females

Thursday 28 July 2011

7TV games Captain America "the Ice Doom" & Garth "the Robots of Evil"

Ran 2 games of the 7TV game and took some pictures of the action
The first one below is using the creature feature rules for the monsters'

The plot was they attack the base and take over the tech then control the
computer giving them 2 extra action, the heroes arrive random tunrs and
try to stop them, the monsters turned out to be exceptionally tough, but
Cap was victious in the end.

The Evil Baron Kazar had stolen an A bomb using his Robots

the hidden lair is infiltrated buy Garth and his conpanoins.

The robots were wonderful foes and withut garths strenght

and the good drs boffin skill the bad guys would have won this one